About Us

Viddi LLC is a new startup company.

A key objective and promise of VPeeps is to keep strict policies protecting the privacy of the registered members.

"The Viddi LLC Policy & Promise"

1. Never Take control of users email or passwords

2. Never share, trade or sell users email addresses

3. Never share, trade or sell users mobile phone numbers

4. Never share, trade or sell any of users personal information to advertisers

5. Never have the right to control or own any of users personal data

6. Never make users personal information public

7. Never save users personal information if user unregister/deletes account

8. Never use facial recognition software or programs to locate user

9. Never use GPS to show users location (it's just not safe)

10. Never claim ownership of users pictures or likeness

11. Never share, trade or sell users pictures to advertisers

12. Never stay on users computer after user logs out and invade personal files

Viddi LLC is currently privately funded and soft-launched. The site will be supported by ad revenue limited to a minimal amount of advertisers, which is a key component of the business model. There will be no intrusive privacy invasions and the formula for minimal ads benefits the user by having a social network experience without constant advertisements being a distraction.